Escrow Flow Chart


Week One

  • Open Escrow
  • Deposit funds
  • Loan pre-qualification
  • Escrow orders the preliminary title report for buyers to review
  • Escrow instructions prepared for reviewing and signing
  • Real estate disclosures should be reviewed and executed by all parties
  • All following reports and inspections should be ordered: Title, termite, physical inspection, natural hazard disclosure, HOA documents.
  • Any additional inspections should be ordered and completed


Week Two

  • Escrow instructions should be completed and turned in to escrow
  • Loan should be ready for submission to underwriting and appraisal should be ordered
  • Preliminary Title report should be approved by buyers
  • Termite report should be reviewed by buyers 
  • HOA documents should be approved by buyers
  • Any request for repairs should be submitted to the sellers
  • Appraiser will coordinate access to perform the appraisal
  • All contingencies should be removed by buyers on or before the 17th day after acceptance of offer.


Week Three

  • Escrow should detail the file for any outstanding items needed
  • Loan should be approved with any conditions applicable
  • Escrow will check on loan documents
  • Escrow will order the Home warrantee protection plan


 Week Four

  • Loan documents should be delivered to escrow
  • Escrow will prepare an estimated closing statement for the buyer to approve
  • Escrow will schedule an appointment for buyers to sign loan docs
  • A final audit of the escrow file for any outstanding documents or items
  • Lender will contact buyers with all if any items still needed for funding
  • Loan will fund and Escrow will send the Deeds for recording with Title company
  • Recording is confirmed by the Title Company and Escrow is closed!!
  • Agents will coordinate keys, fobs and remotes for buyer.


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